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Department of Simulation and Graphics

Department of Simulation and Graphics

The Department of Simulation and Graphics was founded in 1990.

In the "research triangle" of the Faculty of Computer Science (Image -- Interaction -- Knowledge), the research areas of the Department are mainly established in the "Image" field and constitute the scientific background for specific training in the study course "Computational Visualistics".

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New HCI project in coorperation with the University of Waterloo, Canada. More information


A team lead by Patrick Saalfeld was awarded with the 2nd price at the Dirk Bartz price competition (Eurographics Medical Price). Picture


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The Algorithmic Geometry Group (Prof. Dr. Stefan Schirra) deals with the design, analysis, implementation and application aspects of efficient algorithms for combinatorial problems.

The Computer-Assisted Surgery Group (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Hansen) investigates methods for image-guided therapy planning and navigation for surgery and evaluates them in cooperation with clinical end users.

The Image Processing / Image Understanding Group (Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dietz Tönnies) focuses on the interpretation of 2D images as description of 3D geometries.

The Real-time Computer Graphics Group (Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Lessig) developed the mathematical and algorithmic fundamentals for the next generation of quantitatively effective image synthesis techniques, e.g. for AR-applications and visualizations in design and architecture.

The Simulation Group (Prof. Dr. Graham Horton) has two thematic priorities: the development of state-space-based analysis algorithms for stochastic systems and the computer-based support of the innovation process.

The Visualization Group (Prof. Dr. Bernhard Preim) develops, validates and clinically tests medical visualization methods and applications.

Priorities of the Visual Computing Group (Prof. Dr. Holger Theisel) are different fields of visualization and modeling.

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